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The future of bar service has landed

World-leading self-service bar technology to increase service capacity, improve product and service quality, and provide a next-generation customer experience.

Flowbot Bot-1 Rederror

your bar service

Our self-service bar technology eases pressure at peak times by adding capacity when and where you need it, allowing your venues to run more efficiently.


Say goodbye to long queues, lost revenue and frustrated customers.

Flexible & intuitive

Our products are designed to be simple to set up and operate, allowing you to add service capacity wherever and whenever needed.

Data driven

Access your quality and operational information in our online Flowbot dashboard, and manage your devices remotely from a laptop, tablet or mobile phone.


Our products make a lasting impression. Get access to built-in digital promotions and reach a wider audience. 


Our digital bar solution ensures the perfect pour every time. Our state-of-the-art draught system has been developed over 5 years of testing.

Flowbot Bot-1 w/Pint

H: 1.65m, W: 0.77m, D: 0.58m

Bot-1 features

Plug & play

Self-contained Point-of-Sale (POS), cooling and beverage dispense systems housed in a lightweight alloy frame. Requires mains power and an internet connection.

Serves standard kegged products

Serves any draught product including beer, cider, wine, and pre-mixed cocktails from standard kegs.

Cashless payments

Accepts all major payments including credit and debit cards, contactless and mobile payments. Cashless payments increase spend-per-head.

Sleek intuitive design

Bot-1 boasts a modern design using the highest quality materials with integrated LED lighting and an intuitive user interface displayed on a

21.5” HD retina touch-screen.

Next level brand promotions

Limitless promotional potential for brands. Customise your Bot-1 housing and lighting. Provides digital advertising real-estate. Dynamic customer promotions capability.

Quality guaranteed


Access your dashboard online to manage your bar operations from anywhere and get real-time performance insights. 

Fully licensed
& regulated

Licensed and regulated by the Office for Product Safety & Standards, as well as Trading Standards certified (UK). Local council or governing body regulations apply.

Servicing & support

All Flowbot products include a lifetime warranty, online support and emergency phone support.

1. Select

Select your number of drinks

Flowbot UI Step 1 Select

2. Pay

Pay using cashless payment

Flowbot UI Step 2 Pay

3. Pour

Pour your drink

Flowbot UI Step 3 Pour


Available in 2 colours

Designed and manufactured in the UK.

Flowbot Bot-1 Available in 2 colors

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